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Monday, September 1, 2014

How to Create an Effective Resume for the Search Engines

These resume builders allow you to create and upload your resume on job sites. Employers come to these sites and browse thorough these resumes to find a candidate they think is suitable for their business. Therefore, a resume is your chance of impressing your employer. But before you use this option, keep two important things in mind.

First of all, make sure you create a resume using a resume builder for Microsoft Word. The reason is that most employers use this program to view your resumes, and if your file is not supported, you may end up missing an excellent job opportunity. By conducting some research, you can easily find resume builders that allow you to create resumes in different file format including .txt. .pdf, and .doc. so, use them.
The second thing is that employers need quick ways to sift through the hundreds of resume they receive, and for this they rely on the keyword search. It means you can increase your chances of being selected if you create your resume using the keywords companies are going to use for searching. To take advantage of the keywords, keep following tips in mind.
  • Be careful when writing job titles. Most employers search resumes using job titles and keywords like manager, management, product manager and supervisor. Now, you have to incorporate these keywords in your resume, and the best way is to mention these sensibly while highlighting your previous job positions.
  • To improve search engine hits, you can also consider another tip. Check an employer’s job description and find synonyms for the words used in there. Now use these similar words to mention your skills and duties in a previous position. This will surely increase your visibility in search engines.
So, always keep in mind that you should optimize your resume for specific keywords to improve your chances of being noticed, and make sure you use a free resume builder Microsoft Word to ensure your employers have no problems viewing your resume once they find it.

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