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Thursday, September 25, 2014

CraftResumes.com - New Space Resume Service Review

My life after college

I was out of college and actually battling my way out in the real world. I've read a lot of articles in Forbes, Thought Catalog, Entrepreneur and so many sites about how to find a job. I mean, I just got out of college and I don't really have a lot of experience. I’m finding my dream job in a dream company. Who pays well, has a good address, can offer me a career growth and development and of course, a company that I will be happy working and that I can be proud of when people asks me where do I work. I have been throwing my resume from site to site, depositing them on talent banks which well- I saw has forty thousand applicants.

I tried CraftResume and their services

Then I read some article that focuses on us- newly graduates and it mentioned the importance of resumes and how quickly it gives an impression to HR people and how it can really get you an interview and of course, a job. I tried to search sites on how to really do it right and I tried every possible way- going clean and simple and just plain old boring with all my lame objectives and stuff.

Unemployment does suck.

That time I tried Craft Resume to give me confidence and edge. A banker friend of mine said I should try it and I did. I tried their Basic Resume Editing just for the kicks. It's pretty expensive to tell you, but come on. I thought this would help me land a job and I still went for it. For 100 bucks, they sent me a very nice resume.

  • It's very neat and precise using the very words that is being used in my industry- it's healthcare actually. It gets to the point and discusses my strengths and accomplishments.
  • I get to talk to them and then I found out that well, a writer from my own industry wrote it. She knew all along how the industry is and what it wants.
  • Professional support is also included and I did get some tips and advice about our industry.
After what I saw, I purchased their cover letter for another 50$. It's worth it. I can vouch for that! They made me a very professional but creative essay on how much I want the position and how my experience, though limited as may it seem, could deliver the results that they want and so much more. It's still precise and very neat. Just highlighting the things that I am good at and restructuring my resume as if I’m the best in the field.

Then I passed it - got a call within 4 and half days

And here I am right now, in one of the best tertiary hospital in the country!
I thank Craft Resume every day for helping me. Their site is at Craftresumes.com. You can visit them and see their very creative site.
The writing is very fast too, they asked me about a lot of things - it’s a full assessment to create a quality resume and then they have this stand by support when I saw something a little off in my resume. They fixed it. Squeaky easy!

I would definitely recommend you their services, prices are affordable, ranging from $49- $139 for packages. They have a Thank You Letter, a Follow up Letter which is very handy and the basic Resume and Cover letters. They do basic of everything as well as an all-out premium package with all the support that you need. It’s worth it. Thank you Craft Resume!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ResumeWritingService.biz Review

Resumewritingservice.biz company had been highly recommended by a close friend.  The website is done very professionally and provides you with all the information needed to be able to settle on the best package for you.  They provide you with easy access to resume writing services, prices, how they operate, their writers, tips, samples and FAQ.  The only problem I experienced was the popping chat box requesting me to begin a live conversation with the support agents.  The chat feature is a plus but very annoying when browsing the site.

Resume Services for Every Industry 

They provide a range of resume and CV writing services at varying prices, while taking advantage of their super bundles will offer several services at a much more reasonable price, when applying for the first time they provide you with a 20% discount and 100% refundable if they fail to deliver on their guarantees.  Supplying them with friends to join gives you a further 25% discount.  With all the packages accept the basic you receive the Resume, Cover Letter and Follow up Letter that the competitors do not provide.

Personal Writing Assistance for Customers

I am really pleased with the service I received from Resumewritingservice.biz company.  For entry-level or executive positions this company is highly recommended.  They provide you with quality service and customer support the toll-free line adds as a bonus.  The order now button makes placing your order easy to place and complete, and offers a wide range of basic services that are suitable for all.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Reasons you Didn’t Get the Interview

You have a perfect resume and you know you are the perfect person for the job you just applied for. You are very confident you are going to get called for an interview. However, you don’t get a call and you sit there unhappily wondering why. Here are a few reasons you didn’t get the interview for your dream job.
Too Many Applicants
One good reason is maybe there were more applicants than you thought there were. Maybe the job was posted publicly and many people applied. If this is the case, maybe someone better fitted for the job got the interview. Sorry to say that this happens a lot.
Spelling Problems Found in Your Resume
Another reason you didn’t get the interview is because your resume might be full of spelling and maybe even grammar mistakes. To avoid this, go over your resume carefully. Maybe even hire someone to go over it for you and make sure it is perfect when it comes to spelling and grammar. Doing so will help ensure your resume doesn’t get sent to the trash.
Sent it to the Wrong Address
If you accidentally sent it to the wrong email address, it sure won’t get read and you definitely won’t get a call for the interview. Make sure to review the email address carefully and even copy and paste it into the to field of the email you are sending. Doing this will ensure it is the right email address and maybe you will have a good chance at an interview.
Follow Instructions Carefully
If the instructions say to send a cover letter along with your resume, make sure you do this. Make sure to follow the instructions to a T and you have a better chance at getting called for an interview.
Personalize Your Cover Letter
Don’t copy and paste a canned cover letter, personalize it. Make it your own and make it stand out from others. This will ensure you get the interview and maybe even the job.
Too Long
Maybe your resume is too long and too wordy. Make sure it is just the right length. You don’t want it to get thrown in the trash and not read because you went overboard with it. Keep it simple yet make it look good at the same time without putting too much into it.
Experience is Irrelevant or Unrelated
If you are applying for a job where you don’t have experience, this is a good reason you didn’t get called for an interview. They will want someone with experience. Make sure your resume is filled with the experience that is related to the job you are applying to.
You might also be overqualified for this type of job too. They want someone just qualified enough to earn the desired income within their budget, not someone who will demand a higher rate of pay.
In conclusion, make sure you are applying for jobs that you are the right fit for. Make sure your resume and cover letter are perfect and make sure you are experienced in the job you are applying for.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Resumewriters.com Company Review

The first impression Resumewriters.com gave me that it could have been done more professional seeing that they specialize more in Executive Resumes, and very cluttered.  It has all the writing services you would expect to see on a Resume Writing Service.  They offer specialized services and help on-line, however descriptions of services provided are dull and not an easy to use site.

They provide you with a cover letter service run via an online form that you complete and returned to you within 24 hours. Providing you with a template format type letter that you can edit depending on the type of job you are applying for, it comes over to impersonal and computer generated.  They do offer 50% discounts for returning clients, by completing a form online you can request the re-write of your resume.

Resumewriters.com prices are reasonable, but still feel that they do not compare to other Resume Writers Services as you must still pay extra for Cover Letters and other services.  Delivery on resumes are 72 hours and rush delivery of 24 hours are available at an extra fee.  The positive side is that they guarantee you an interview in 30 Days of they will re-write your resume for free.

My opinion is that they provide a professional service at a price and provides you with sample resumes specializing in all the major career fields and industries.  With a 99.99% satisfied client rate and live chat features with a toll-free helpline for what more can you ask.
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Resume2hire.com Company Review

Searching on the net I arrived at Resume2hire.com, the website provides you with an easy to use feeling with much to offer from getting started, how they work, pricing, samples, testimonials and support.  They even provide you with a live chat facility the only problem I had is that there is no contact number for those with no internet connection.

Their pricing is very reasonable and offer various types of services from Professional Resume Writing, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Makeover to name just a few all at different prices.  Additional services are provided at an extra cost ranging from Professional Correspondence, Letters to same day Rush services.  They provide you with a 72-BusinessHour delivery on all Resumes.

 My conclusion is that Resume2hire.com provides a reliable service for those that do have a tight budget making them a fast and easy Resume Writing Service Provider.  Providing you with a quality resume and cover letter at good prices than what the competitors charge!   With more than 30 years experience and professional writers they are sure to provide you with excellent one-on-one service.  After completion of your order you can provide them with feedback regarding their service, change on resume or any response you would like to leave.

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USA jobs Resume Builder – Be The Lucky One

The USA job market is an extremely competitive one. There may be hundreds of thousands of applicants vying for a single position meaning that while one person may luck off, thousands of others will be without a job. The question is how to make sure that you are that one lucky person who got the coveted position. The reality is that the majority of people applying for a job will make at least one mistake on their resume and that single mistake can completely create the wrong impression regardless of any outstanding credentials that may be listed on it.

There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your resume is the one that stands out from the rest. This way it doesn’t matter if ten people are applying for the job or a thousand are; by distinguishing yourself positively, you increase your chances of making the cut. Most job websites have a resume builder and while you might not think so, it is the best way of setting yourself apart from everyone else because with a uniform format and easily comparable resumes, if you are different, it will shine through. A usajobs resume builder however requires that you put in a good deal of effort to do just that. Before anything else, understand what qualifications are needed for the job in question and apply only if you have all of them, otherwise you are just wasting your time. Then start on the resume builder and throughout ensure that you are inputting all the information accurately. Proofread and spellcheck it thoroughly before submission because typos create a terrible impression of the applicant.
Most resume builders have space where you can add extra relevant information. This is a box often left blank and that is a mistake. This is the chance to express why you are the perfect candidate for the job by talking about the core competencies, skills and abilities that you possess that will allow you to undertake the job exactly as needed. List all related courses that you may have taken. It’s also important that you put down your GPA regardless of whether it is low, because there are tricks to overcome such a failing. Provide references and make sure that you tick the box that makes your resume searchable by all prospective employers. Applicants often forget to do just that. For any usajob resume builder, always save your answers in case you run into technical problems while filling in the form too.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Proresumewritingservices.com Company Review

ProResumeWritingServices.com I found through the normal search providers, the website is easy on the eye and all the information needed is shown on the first page, making it easy to use.
They provide you with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work and even a Flat 50% discount offer that is valid for 24 hours.

What makes them a good choice to use that they have been rated the best Resume Writing Service (according to Top resume writing survey 2012-2013) and have published 7 books on resume writing and interview planning.

They provide you with four different packages that differ in delivery times, from 24-48 hours.  A rush service is available with the 24 hour delivery package.


I still feel they are pricey as they do not provide you with a cover letter when ordering your Resume and need to pay extra for it.  A plus is that they do provide you with Unlimited Rewrite service, email and phone support.

My conclusion on Proresumewritingservice.com is that in a whole they are a good Resume Writing Service provider with Certified Writers.
Quick Delivery Time and 100% Interview Guarantee.
The four easy steps they provide for uploading CV, payment, customer service and end result are good.
I feel that they should provide the consumer with a testimonial page for more feedback.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Resumetointerviews.com Service Review

Looking at ResumeToInterviews.com for the first time you are drawn to the Testimonials page, filled with happy customers.
The layout of the site is clear and organized and looks great. They focus on creating the perfect resume that will get you an interview. They write CVs, Resumes and cover letters.  The question that comes to mind, are these guys really good in Resume writing?


They are a bit pricey, but provide you with a 100% money back service if not satisfied.  Ordering Details are easy and you have a big variety of packages available to choose from, based on your experience and other details.  Time is taken with your resume and the process can take longer, especially if you are in a hurry to find work.

Quality of support and writing is not bad, and it should not be, taking the price you paid for it.  They can be contacted via telephone or email.  The only problem I found was that the telephone is only available during certain hours.

My final conclusion of the service that Resumetointerviews.com offer is a bit too pricey for me, but they do provide many additional services such as
  • Resume Writing Service
  • Returning Customer Resume
  • Interview Coaching
  • Cover Letter Service
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Personal Statement provide it to you in two formats, Microsoft Word and PDF. 
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Learning How to Build a Resume Using a Resume Builder

When you have no clue about how to build a resume, it’s best to leave the job to professionals. With an easy access to the internet, it’s no longer a hassle to get in touch with an experienced resume writing company to get your documents ready for a particular job. However, it’s not always the best option, especially when you cannot afford to pay the money to get a resume created professionally. In this situation, a simple option would be to use resume builder software.

Not only will this software help you to create a resume on your own, it will also go a long way in helping you learn how to build a resume for free. The only thing you need to realize is that only the best software is going to help you with the task. To make a right choice, make sure you pick resume writing software while making sure it offers extensive formatting and editing help. It should also have a variety of editing and organization tools included in the package. For instance, the builder should include a thesaurus, a spell checker, various fonts, and complete instructions for various organization styles, including chronological and skill set organization.
In addition to all this, you should spend some time in learning more about the software that is going to teach how to build your resume. It should be easy to install and simple to use. However, even if it has nothing complicated about it, you should still check for professional customer service. There will be times when you will need their assistance, so the manufacturer should offer different types of support services; you should get help files in the program along with getting customer support contact information.
However, it’s crucial to point out that though you will find several templates and tools to work on your resume, you will still have to educate yourself about the reasons why some resumes go straight into the reject pile. One common mistake people make is that they write in very general terms. Every section in your resume should tell specifically what you have done in the past. Similarly, many people often forget to include a cover letter that relates to the job. Sometimes, you include a cover letter but language used is too general; luckily, a sophisticated resume builder can eradicate this issue by offering a list of new and interesting phrases.
So, make sure you know the mistakes you need to avoid at all cost, and then get a professionally created resume builder to create a perfect piece of document that speaks clearly about your skills and convinces your recruiters that you’re the right candidate for their jobs.

Is It Enough to Have a Resume Builder Template?

It’s never easy for a jobseeker to create a perfect resume, but it has to be done to ensue that you don’t miss a great career opportunity just because you lack the talent to write and format your documents. When this happens, most jobseekers opt for professional resume writing services. But it’s not possible for everyone because these services may cost a lot. That’s exactly when people rely on other alternatives. Using free resume builder template is one such alternative.

While it’s true that a resume builder template is going to make it simple for you to create a resume, it’s also a fact that you need to have answers to some of the most common questions. For instance, even if you have resume builder templates with you, it’s up to you to decide how long the document should be. This becomes quite confusing at times. If you ask an expert, their tongue-and-cheek response would be that a resume should be as long as it needs to be and no longer than that.
What it means is that your unique circumstances and level of experience should determine the length for a resume. If you’re applying for a job and need to create a resume to cover one to six years of experience, it’s enough to go for a one-page resume. In case you have more than six years of experience, a 2-page resume will often work effectively. At the same time, you should also consider what the reader wants to see. Generally, it’s enough to have a one-page resume if you’re a pilot. On the other hand, even a five-page resume won’t work if you’re applying as a Ph.D. scientist.
It’s also quite important to point out that if you’re going to use a resume builder template free, you should ensure you create it while keeping in mind what most employers typically look at on a resume. To pick a right template, always remember that two audiences usually read these documents. One will look the summary of qualifications; they do it to get an overview. The other audience will only read the work history. According to experts, as many as 80% of the executives are summary readers, and 5% or less read the work history in detail. That’s the reason why you need to pick your template sensibly and know exactly what is going to impress your prospective employer.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tips and Advice for Students Resume

There is no denying the fact that resume writing is quite personal to the individual and unique to every industry. It is mainly due to this particular reason that experts suggest writing the resume to the desired or advertised position. According to experts, it’s all about connecting the job search dots to provide the reader with a clear picture of how valuable your services are going to be.

What it also implies is that you need to create a resume considering the job descriptions, and if you’re a student and know the nature of the job you’re applying for, you can use a student resume builder to accomplish your goal. For most graduates, even if they are still studying, summer employment is of immense importance. It sometimes becomes the difference between getting a master’s degree and staying a graduate. That’s why you will find many high school and college students give their best shot toward landing that first job as a graduate.
What it also implies is that you need to create a resume considering the job descriptions, and if you’re a student and know the nature of the job you’re applying for, you can use a student resume builder to accomplish your goal. For most graduates, even if they are still studying, summer employment is of immense importance. It sometimes becomes the difference between getting a master’s degree and staying a graduate. That’s why you will find many high school and college students give their best shot toward landing that first job as a graduate.
Students should put in some extra effort to get to know of what their employers want. In other words, they should check the job’s description and then write accordingly. If you don’t write with particular clarity, you will end up having a too-broad objective. This usually conveys the wrong impression, but it’s hard to avoid, especially when applying for multiple positions. That’s why the better idea for students is to focus on offering a professional summary talking about their skill set; it should explain to your employer how you would into their organization.
Lastly, students can have different sections in their resume, including academics, experience, community service activities, interests, awards, memberships, personal traits, and so on. Opting for an appropriate student resume builder can help you in this regard because these programs come with several tools and templates to help students construct a great resume.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Resume Writing Services in Dallas - are there any professionals?

When you are a newly graduate and have little to no experience, getting your dream job is not as easy as it may seem. Because before landing to a perfect job, you first have to be invited for an interview and impress your interviewer.

However, you will not have the chance to showcase your strengths and your brilliance if you are not invited for an interview in the first place. And to get that interview, you need to have an impressive resume. Your prospective companies can get their first impression of you from the resume that you submitted. Therefore it has to be unique and stunning.

A great resume will highlight your strengths and make you stand out among all of the other applicants. Whether you are experienced or not, it is usually hard to write a resume. But nonetheless, there are now professional writers that you can hire to do the job for you.

Every time that I am job hunting in Dallas, I always look for this kind of services. And I found three very reliable and great resume writing service providers:


You can discuss your qualifications from their carefully selected team of writers. After getting all the necessary information, your resume will be written and you will promptly receive a draft wherein you can discuss for possible revisions.
Resume writing costs $239 and you can also add cover letter, a follow letter, thank you letter or even all three, which costs $49 each. They also have resume editing and CV writing and editing services as well.
All of which are guaranteed to get you interviews for different companies. When I used I immediately got invited for the interviews from the companies I submitted my resumes to. Their services are totally worth it, consider it as a sound investment for your career.


Resumewriters offer resume writing services with varying prices depending on the type of resume that you need. Fresh graduates’ or students’ resume are relatively cheaper compared to professionals’ resumes. As you become more experienced and as the resume becomes more complex, the price increases.
Student resume starts at $169.95, but you can avail different packages for a much higher cost. While Executive resumes start at $299.95 and it gets higher as the package gets bigger. Upon using their services, I met a very friendly and professional resume writer who not only wrote a wonderful resume, but also helped me ace my interviews as well.
The writers at resumewriters.com are very talented, professional and accommodating. Their timely delivery of your resume is impressive. And I was able to highlight my strengths and sell myself as well as my skills and experiences well to the prospective employers. This is very much recommended.


This one is relatively cheaper resume writing service provider as they offer a lot of different promos from time to time. Right now they offer 20% discounts therefore their basis resume writing service costs only $95.96.
They also have other services like resume editing, resume distribution and CV writing. Although their service is much cheaper compared to other resume writing services, the quality of their resumes are still at par with the other highly priced resume writing services. They can help you create a resume from scratch or help you update your old one. With their well crafted resumes, you are sure to get interviews from different companies in no time.
With these different resume writing services provider, writing a resume will no longer a problem for anyone. As the competition for great job opportunities are tough, you need a professionally written resume to make yourself stand out from the rest.
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Good luck on your job hunting, I wish you success on your search for a great career.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Creating a Perfect Military Resume

Even if you’re military career is studded with so many achievements, you will still have to go through some issues when leaving the service and searching for a job. It’s tough for sure, but something most veterans don’t know is that the experience and skills they gain in the military is required in many different civilian jobs. For instance, some of the popular veteran jobs include government jobs, retail jobs, aerospace and defense jobs, security clearance jobs, law enforcement jobs, and many more. The only thing you need to secure one of these impressive jobs is a well-structured and professionally written resume, and a military resume builder can be of great help here.

Using a resume builder is a great idea mainly due to its several benefits. it not only simplifies the task of formatting and organizing a resume, it also helps you find out a way to translate your military experience, skills and training to find one such career opportunity that is in line with your capabilities. However, when getting down to the real writing, you need to maintain a right flow and mention everything that would convince your employer to call you for an interview. Although there should be different sections in your resume, make sure you explain your skills as expertly as possible. You need to highlight your assets, so that it may become easy for your employer to make a decision in your favor. Make sure you include all types of skills. For instance, talk about your technical skills; you learn these skills usually when you are in military careers such as a financial management technician, telecommunications technician, healthcare specialist etc. Similarly, you should highlight your discipline and leadership skills to qualify for a particular job.
Here, it is crucial to mention that most veterans fail to get a job because they make a terrible mistake while building a resume – they assume the hiring manager knows everything about the military. That’s usually not the case. Therefore, it’s important to make things easier for them – simplify your duties, job titles, training, accomplishments, and awards to be considered for a civilian job. You may also want to translate some of the military acronyms and terminologies so employers could understand it.
So, always keep these points in mind, and even if you’re using a military resume builder, make sure your resume speaks to employer’s needs and is easy to understand.

Monday, September 1, 2014

How Bad is Your Attitude At Work

Do you have problems getting people to like you at work? Ever think it might be your attitude? Maybe you have a bad attitude and blame everyone else for no one liking you. If this is the case, it is time to change the way you think about things, especially your attitude. Having a positive attitude at work will ensure you get along better with your co-workers. Also, when improving yourself, you increase your chances of success at work as well as your personal success in life.

Recognize Your Bad Attitude
Realizing you do have a bad attitude is the first step in fixing the problem. Once you realize and recognize your bad attitude, you can take the steps you need to change it from bad to good.
Make and Commit to Goals
Now it is time to make a goal to change your attitude and commit to that goal of making a change. Each morning when you wake up, tell yourself you are going to think positive today and you are going to change a negative attitude into a positive one.
Be and Stay Patient
You will have to be patient with yourself to ensure you follow through with your attitude change. It won’t happen over night so just be patient with yourself and things will work out for you.
Know What is Causing the Bad Attitude
Figure out what exactly is causing the bad attitude and this will help ensure you can fix it. Knowing exactly what the root cause is will help you turn that negative attitude into a positive one for good.
Review the Consequences
Are you losing friends? Are you having trouble making friends? It is probably because of your bad attitude. No one likes to hang out with someone who things and acts negative all the time. Review the consequences of your negative attitude and know you need to change to avoid these problems.
Attitude of Gratitude
Having an attitude of gratitude for those around you who have helped you or for those things in your life that have helped you get through bad times will help you change you bad attitude into a good one.
Look at the Situation Differently
If something causes you to have a bad attitude you can either look at it in a different light or avoid it altogether, if you can. If you can’t avoid it then just look at it differently and try to change it for good.
Do Something Positive
Do something positive to change your bad attitude into a good one. If you do one positive and good thing every day, you will have a better attitude in no time and be more successful at the same time.
Trying Harder Might Make it Worse
Although you made some changes to your attitude, you might be trying too hard to get along with other people. If you still can’t get along with some people, maybe it is them after all. Sometimes it seems the harder you try, the worse things get for you. If this is the case, just quit trying to get along with those you just can get along with and move on.

How to Create an Effective Resume for the Search Engines

These resume builders allow you to create and upload your resume on job sites. Employers come to these sites and browse thorough these resumes to find a candidate they think is suitable for their business. Therefore, a resume is your chance of impressing your employer. But before you use this option, keep two important things in mind.

First of all, make sure you create a resume using a resume builder for Microsoft Word. The reason is that most employers use this program to view your resumes, and if your file is not supported, you may end up missing an excellent job opportunity. By conducting some research, you can easily find resume builders that allow you to create resumes in different file format including .txt. .pdf, and .doc. so, use them.
The second thing is that employers need quick ways to sift through the hundreds of resume they receive, and for this they rely on the keyword search. It means you can increase your chances of being selected if you create your resume using the keywords companies are going to use for searching. To take advantage of the keywords, keep following tips in mind.
  • Be careful when writing job titles. Most employers search resumes using job titles and keywords like manager, management, product manager and supervisor. Now, you have to incorporate these keywords in your resume, and the best way is to mention these sensibly while highlighting your previous job positions.
  • To improve search engine hits, you can also consider another tip. Check an employer’s job description and find synonyms for the words used in there. Now use these similar words to mention your skills and duties in a previous position. This will surely increase your visibility in search engines.
So, always keep in mind that you should optimize your resume for specific keywords to improve your chances of being noticed, and make sure you use a free resume builder Microsoft Word to ensure your employers have no problems viewing your resume once they find it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Important Reasons to Use Live Career Resume Builder

With a variety of job sites available online, it’s relatively easy to find and apply for a number of jobs quickly and effectively. However, making an employer call you for an interview is the real catch, and that’s where a professionally written resume can work wonders for your career. But the problem is that not everyone has the talents to create a winning resume. If that’s the case with you, Live Career has the right solution for you. Not only can you get jobs through this site, you can also construct high quality resume using Live Career Resume Builder.
At this particular site, you can find all types of jobs. With this, you don’t have to waste your time searching through every local job listings, job boards, company career sites and industry job boards. They have a job search engine powerful enough to crawl every job site online; it fetches every job posting that matches your criteria. Once you find the right job, you need to send your resume to show them how good you really are. That’s again where Live Career Resume Builder will save the day for you.
    It makes sense to choose this resume builder because it offers a wide array of features. For instance:
  • The first impressive feature is that using this resume builder is not confusing. Everything is designed professionally and you move ahead systematically.
  • An interesting feature offered by them is TextTuner; this helps you make use of professionally written samples by experts. Not only this, you can also make use of hundreds of templates for different jobs and industries.
  • One very confusing aspect of resume building is finding the right format. They will help you in this regard, matching you to the most suitable format such as chronological, functional and combination resume formats.
  • A feature you should always check in a resume builder is its ability to save resume in multiple formats, including .rtf, .doc, .txt, .pdf etc. If this is not the case, your employer may fail to open it, resulting in you losing a good job.
Here, it is crucial to mention that even if you’re using this resume builder, you should be absolutely sure of how to create a right impression. Make sure you create a resume while emphasizing your most impressive skills and selling points. Try to pain a highly positive picture of your skills and accomplishments. And above all, be sure to pick a creative and visually striking layout.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Features of Google Resume Builder

Most people think they have a serviceable resume, but that’s usually not the case. Even if you have worked with a so-called professional resume writer or at least have asked someone to check it for you, you will fail to get a job if it’s not optimized for the internet and online job sites. When it comes to optimizing anything for the WEB, you cannot afford to overlook Google. The same is the case when you need an optimized resume, as Google Resume Builder is what you need to secure a perfect job for you.
This particular application is loaded with interesting and effective features. By making the right use of it, you will be able to construct highly professional and visually exciting resumes. Basically, it’s a writing tool, but it also does the thinking for you. It means you can easily customize your resume according to your unique needs and requirements. And to help with this, the applications come with 15 different resume styles. You can check them and find the one that helps describe your qualifications and skills in the best way possible.
    Some of the most interesting features you find in Google Resume Builder are mentioned below:
  • There are as many as 15 templates. Not only can you find a template for your resume, you can also find a perfect style for your cover letters.
  • For those who are new to this writing thing it’s nothing less than a blessing to get a variety of resume examples to get started in a proper fashion. These examples are available in different languages including German, French and English. Moreover, you can educate yourself more about creating professional resumes by checking resume writing tips.
  • It’s easy to define your resume structure using this builder. You can see the structure in a user-friendly format; therefore, it becomes easier to figure which of the sections you’d want to publish. Moreover, it’s possible to modify and customize the order of the published sections such as objective, education history, employment history, biographical data, skill area, military history and more.
  • Another very useful feature is that the builder can easily integrate with Microsoft Office, allowing you create files that can easily be viewed on Plain-Text formats and Microsoft Word.
What it means is that if you want to create a perfect resume along with learning the ins and outs of writing professional resumes and cover letters, you should consider making use of Google Resume Builder.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Functional Resume Builder

Things to Remember While Using a Functional Resume Builder
Finding the right job in today’s frazzled economy is no easy task, and it becomes even difficult to secure your favorite job if you don’t know much about creating a professional resume. Resumes have always been a critical part of the job search, and you can handle the task in a better way if you can identify your strengths and know how to capture your successes in written documents, including curriculum vitae, resume, biography or persuasive cover letters.
In order to simplify things, you can opt for a functional resume builder. Not only is this piece of software highly functional, it’s also quite cost effective. Though they come with different features, you are always provided with a chance to choose from a number of templates to get started with your resume. What you should also bear in mind is that though a resume builder is a nice way to complete one of the most important documents of your professional career, you are advised to pay attention to a few points. For instance, there are specific mistakes that can ruin your resume. One such mistake is to include personal information while building a resume.
Here, the personal information is not regarding your whereabouts, but it’s about things you have been doing in your life and is not directly related to the job you’re applying for. For instance, you should avoid sending a resume to a Cowboy booster if you’re a Sooner booster, as it would make for more than lively conversation. The same thing holds true for religious associations and some organization affiliations. Generally, companies opt for the least risky candidates; therefore, you need to have a clear idea of the personal info you need to share along with knowing what should not be there on your resume.
Here, it is crucial to mention that even if you manage to find a functional resume builder and get a great copy created, you will still need another important thing – a cover letter. Proceeding without a cover letter is not a good idea; you will always have difficulty landing interviews. By making use of a good cover letter, you will be able to increase your success rate by 60% or more; in fact, you will find several people say they were interviewed due to their interesting and professionally created cover letter. So, don’t just rely on a resume builder; make sure you know what constitutes a perfect resume – perfect enough to help secure a job.
If you want a civilian job in the military, the first thing you need is a professionally designed resume. Hundreds and thousands of applicants seek a position with the military, but they often fail because they lack the skills to write and explain their true talents and accomplishments. In case you’re confused and don’t know how to accomplish your goal, you may want to use the CPOL Resume Builder, where CPOL stands for Civilian Personnel Online.
It’s worth mentioning that army civilian jobs are usually divided into two computerized staffing systems – USA Staffing and Resumix, am automated scanning software system. The thing you need to understand is that you can find several civilian employment opportunities in the military, so you will be up against a huge competition. Therefore, you need to create a resume and create it according to the type of the job you’re applying for. For instance, you can find jobs ranging from security, finance, banquet hosts, lifeguards, and more; however, you need a different type of resume to secure a job in any of these fields.
With the help of a resume builder, you can create exactly what an employer needs to see in a resume for a particular job positing. Provided that you pick the right resume builder, you will not only be able to construct a right resume you will also be able to apply for jobs directly. It will also become easier to track past job applications. That’s why using CPOL army resume builder is the right choice, not only because you can use it to create your resume but also because you can use the preferential veterans employment status option. This option allows you to mention the fact that you have already worked with military in one way or the other. To get better results, don’t forget to mention your active duty military service dates. Above all, you should create a resume using the most popular keywords, as this the best way of being seen when you know you’re submitting your document to scanning software.
The fact of the matter is that everyone wants a job with the military mainly because of amazing benefits, competitive pay, and a comprehensive retirement allowance. However, it’s never easy to impress your employer, especially if you have not served the military in the past. Nevertheless, the CPOL resume builder is the ray of hope, as it guides you through the process and tells you what you should or should not mention in your resume to land your dream job.