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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Creating a Perfect Military Resume

Even if you’re military career is studded with so many achievements, you will still have to go through some issues when leaving the service and searching for a job. It’s tough for sure, but something most veterans don’t know is that the experience and skills they gain in the military is required in many different civilian jobs. For instance, some of the popular veteran jobs include government jobs, retail jobs, aerospace and defense jobs, security clearance jobs, law enforcement jobs, and many more. The only thing you need to secure one of these impressive jobs is a well-structured and professionally written resume, and a military resume builder can be of great help here.

Using a resume builder is a great idea mainly due to its several benefits. it not only simplifies the task of formatting and organizing a resume, it also helps you find out a way to translate your military experience, skills and training to find one such career opportunity that is in line with your capabilities. However, when getting down to the real writing, you need to maintain a right flow and mention everything that would convince your employer to call you for an interview. Although there should be different sections in your resume, make sure you explain your skills as expertly as possible. You need to highlight your assets, so that it may become easy for your employer to make a decision in your favor. Make sure you include all types of skills. For instance, talk about your technical skills; you learn these skills usually when you are in military careers such as a financial management technician, telecommunications technician, healthcare specialist etc. Similarly, you should highlight your discipline and leadership skills to qualify for a particular job.
Here, it is crucial to mention that most veterans fail to get a job because they make a terrible mistake while building a resume – they assume the hiring manager knows everything about the military. That’s usually not the case. Therefore, it’s important to make things easier for them – simplify your duties, job titles, training, accomplishments, and awards to be considered for a civilian job. You may also want to translate some of the military acronyms and terminologies so employers could understand it.
So, always keep these points in mind, and even if you’re using a military resume builder, make sure your resume speaks to employer’s needs and is easy to understand.

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